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Richter schreibt

Courts and lawsuits

As publicly appointed and sworn experts by the chamber of commerce our major function is to prepare reports and statements on technical facts and circumstances on behalf of German district and regional courts as court-appointed experts. We create technical reports and valuation appraisals in all fields of mechanical engineering and related industries. The reports for lawsuits are commonly ordered directly by the court involved. We, however, also prepare reports for an independent evidence collecting procedure or simply to secure evidence for a lawsuit in a court-approved way. By the way, the cost for an expertise report by a publicly appointed and sworn expert is commonly covered by all German legal insurances.

Our reports for courts and lawsuits commonly address the following topics:

  • Amount and extent of claims

  • Causes and causality

  • Damage on machinery and equipment

  • Damage caused by machinery and equipment

  • Approval of conformity with standards and regulations

  • Asset valuation for machinery and equipment in property disputes

  • Contract conformity and technical parameters of machinery and equipment

Based on our public appointment by a specific local chamber of commerce we are NOT bound to a specific court district. We are generally able to accept orders regarding lawsuits in every German court.

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