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Insurance claims

Damages as a result of fire, water, machinery breakage or loss in transit are our field of expertise. The loss of a single machine or the whole machine park is not only a tremendous financial risk itself. The cost for downtime of machines quickly adds up to a similar value and even if the downtime loss is insured you are still risking a loss of customers. Our experts are specialized in quick and innovative claims settlement. In addition to the claims amount we also assess causality and cause, offer advise to evaluate the fastest and most cost efficient way of claims settlement as well as the approval of repairs proceeded and replaced goods.

An overview on our services and expertise reports for the insurance sector:

  • Evaluation of causalities

  • Estimation of the amount of damage

  • Evaluation of the extent of damage

  • Approval of plausibility 

  • Insurance value appraisal

  • Securing evidence

  • Invoice verification

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